Never Say Never


I never wanted my own business. Never!

I have always worked for other people, and I loved it.

They cover insurance. They make sure the taxes are withdrawn and sent to the government. They maintain the building. They empty the garbage. The list goes on. It’s their worries, not mine.

I knew I wanted to be an artist since I was 5.

I have shown in galleries across the U.S.

I became a college instructor. I love teaching. I learn so much from my students, and they have made me a better artist.

Then the school, where I taught full-time for 12 years, closed in 2018.

I always knew it would be difficult to get another full-time teaching position at the college level. It has always been a tough market. I was right.

I thought I would fall back on graphic design; I had several years’ experience working in the field but no dice.

One thing I consistently did was paint.

Since the beginning of 2019, I limped along, being underemployed.

Then Covid-19 struck.

Like many people, my world was tossed on its ear!

And still, I painted.

I purchased the book, Sell Your Artwork Online, by Cory Huff. I saw a new direction. One I never thought I would take.

I joined Cory’s online classes on The Abundant Artist and started my travels into having my own business.

I met other artists from across the world, also working to sell their art online. I have learned that I can do this.

It’s scary having your own business. The bills, the responsibilities, the amount of time it takes to make it work,  and that pesty garbage removal! With no guarantees.

And still, I paint.

So, now I have what I said I would never have, my own business. Never say never!


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