Jonesboro, Indiana

Months ago, I wrote about how covid affected changes in my art. One of my favorite photos taken during 2020 is of a building in Jonesboro, Indiana. I call the photo, We Care About You.

I used to get contact information about who purchased a print or photo from me (my current print-on-demand doesn’t provide customer contact data). The nice part about contact info was I was able to send a thank you note and write about the purchased piece. Here is part of the letter I sent for the photo, We Care About You.

We Care About You, Jonesboro, Indiana

Jonesboro, Indiana is located in Grant County, next to Gas City, and south of the town of Marion. Its population is a little over 1600 souls. It was established in 1837 by Obadiah Jones and named after him.

The town shows significant signs of decay. The Democratic headquarters is located in downtown Jonesboro. The condition of this building is representative of those surrounding it. Some are in such bad repair that yellow caution tape surrounds them, warning people not to enter.

Advertisement for the Indiana Rubber and Insulated Wire Co. Thank you Mark Renholzberger for finding and sharing this image!

The primary employment in Jonesboro is manufacturing, but I believe most of that work is found outside of town. Jonesboro once had a large factory called The Indiana Rubber and Insolated Wiring Company, which was established in 1890. It employed up to 400 people, so it probably helped establish Jonesboro as a place to live. The company appears to have been purchased by Exeon, which is still active in the wire manufacturing field, as of 2022.

The Bicycle Tire Department of the Indiana Tire and Rubber Company in Jonesboro, IN, ca. 1893 Claude Fowler, the foreman, is in the middle of the front row, and the remainder are unidentified. Thank you John Wylie for finding and sharing this photo.

Compared to the rest of Indiana, Jonesboro has a high graduation rate for high school but Jonesboro students must attend school in neighboring Gas City.

Other facts about Jonesboro:

  1. The most common first names are James (24) and Mary (20).
  2. The most common last names are Smith (15) and Jones (13).
  3. Jonesboro was mentioned in season 1, episode 4 of the Netflix original show, Stranger Things (side note, I love that show!).
Interior of the Jonesboro Democratic Headquarter.

The Jonesboro Democratic Headquarters has not been in use for a long time, which does not appear to result from the pandemic. The dust and disorder that can be viewed through the windows tell all! Apparently, the Democrats in Jonesboro have been fighting an uphill battle since at least the mid-1990s, as the majority of residents voted Republican in every Presidential election to date!

If you are interested in purchasing a print of this photo, click here.

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