Going Back to my Roots

By the end of 2021, I was in a bit of a creative slump, partially due to having worked so long on one painting, Crown Point, Vintage. I needed to visit a larger city to find more urban inspiration, (I’m missing the cities!).  I needed to create a piece that wasn’t time-consuming. Let me clarify. Creating the concept art, preparing the canvas for paint, then completing the painting, usually takes me about three months for a 20” x 24” painting.

My goals for the beginning of 2022 are threefold. Complete a couple of pieces in a month per piece. Create work that isn’t overly detailed. Use subject matter that is different from more recent work and NO lettering!

I decided to go back to my roots. When I was 10, I began painting with oil paintings, taking classes at the Art Center of Highland Park. I enjoyed taking classes with Elaine Morrison. Elaine was a free spirit, part hippy, and a complete lover of life. When first attending classes with Elaine, I learn to paint still-lifes in a realistic style. As I progressed in learning painting skills, I tried to work similar to the artist Peter Max, and Elaine encouraged me.

I loved Max’s bold, bright colors, playfulness, and flat forms. In my mind, Peter Max’s work is representative of the late 60s, in America.

In 2016, I created a couple of pieces reminiscent of Max’s vibe, resulting in New Orleans and New Orleans 2. I enjoyed making those pieces, yet for reasons I no longer recall, I stopped working on that series. It’s a style of work I would not enjoy doing for years on end, and yet it’s enjoyable to revisit.

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