I had the honor of teaching at the Art Institute of Indianapolis (Ai), starting just months after it opened and leaving when the school was closed. I really enjoyed working with the students, I learned a lot from them. It has been my pleasure to watch many of them, as Facebook friends, grow and thrive after having left Ai.

Ai was located in the iconic buildings, The Pyramids, which is located on the north side of Indianapolis. There are three pyramids in a row, all of which have sheer walls of glass windows. When you entered the first pyramid you immediately saw the main desk for Ai. This is where most of us had our first experience at the Art Institute of Indianapolis.

Sadly the Art Institute of Indianapolis closed in December 2018. This piece is based on photos I took shortly before the school closed.

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10″ x 7″
20″ x 14″

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Photographic Print

Ai Indianapolis