I love urban environments. I love cities; the bigger, the better! I love the people, the movement, the architecture, and the sounds that make up life in a city. Some people love the serenity of the country, but not me! For years I lived near a major highway and slept like a baby.

Since age five, I knew I wanted to be an artist, beginning to paint with oils at ten. I have shown nationally. Please see CV for show listings. I have worked for fifteen years as a college professor. My teaching experience includes the fundamentals of design, color theory, drawing (figure, observational, and perspective), painting, mixed media, and illustration (including book, editorial, sequential).

I relocated to Indiana from the Chicago area in the early 2000s. I have years of experience in the fine arts and graphic design. I attended the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University and taught at the Art Institute of Indianapolis and Ivy Tech.